08/11/2021 – Belgium – Namibia – COP 26

Signature of a MoU between the Kingdom of Belgium (Minister Van der Straeten) and Namibia (Minister Alweeendo) to import green hydrogen

Among other things, the MOU will:

1) support the production and distribution of green hydrogen and green ammonia in Namibia for local consumption, regional export and international export to Belgium and other EU countries,

2) encourage dialogue and exchange of knowledge and information between the various public administration entities;

3) support cooperation between scientific research institutions, promote research and development as well as other forms of technical assistance and training associated;

4) support the development of a hydrogen refuelling station pilot project in the Walvis Bay area, encompassing a medium-scale solar plant.

Download the MOU – EN version

Download the MOU – FR version

Download the MOU – NL version

Hereafter a video shared by the Ministry on Namibia’s Hydrogen and Green Energy Policy, outlining the connection to greening the Southern African power grid, creating jobs for the youth and building the regional economy.
It provides context and background to Namibia’s energy and green hydrogen plans.