Like most other regions, African countries face a myriad of challenges, tailored to their socio-economic realities. These challenges are typically a deterrent to their path to sustainable development, and managing their external debt is a crucial aspect of economic stability. Additionally, low debt levels contribute to reduced financial vulnerability for African nations.

  • Business Insider Africa presents the top 10 African countries with the lowest debts to the International Monetary Fund. 
  • This list was obtained from the IMF’s official site. 
  • This list captures the data as of the 8th of December 2023.

Countries with lower debt levels are better positioned to maintain economic stability. High debt can lead to financial crises, currency devaluation, and inflationary pressures, just to mention a few.

By adopting a conservative approach to external borrowing, African nations can mitigate these risks and work towards creating a stable economic environment conducive to sustainable growth

Maintaining a low debt burden can offer several advantages that contribute to the overall economic well-being of a nation, and some African countries have done a good job at this, especially with specific lenders. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a major actor in global finance, providing financial support to states experiencing economic problems. 

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However, IMF loans can have a wide range of consequences for its economy. These consequences are felt way less in some African regions than others, owing to how little the loans said countries have procured from the global lender. 

With that said, below are the 10 African countries with the lowest debts to the IMF, courtesy of the IMF’s official website. Also, the list captures the data as of the 6th of December 2023.

10 African countries with the lowest debts to the IMF

RankCountryDebt amount
1.Sao Tome & Principe$24,816,432
5.Cabo Verde$50,720,000
6.Equatorial Guinea$76,537,000

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